DC Comics Artist Robson Rocha Requests Blood Donations Due to COVID-19 Hospitalization

Comics artist Robson Rocha is hoping for fans to donate blood after seeing up close how strapped hospitals are for blood and other resources as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rocha is currently at Eduardo de Menezes Hospital, being treated for COVID-19 himself, and Brazilian artist Fabi Marques took to social media to ask for blood donations. He also provided a link where local supporters can sign up to donate. It seems from context that Rocha himself is in need of blood, and not just advocating for the needs of the hospital generally, which begs the question: what is Rocha’s prognosis?

That is obviously something fans won’t know for a while. That said, it’s helpful that Rocha is relatively young, and Brazil is more than 20% vaccinated, meaning that it’s unlikely hospitals are as overrun with COVID-19 patients — or the need for blood — as they were at the height of the pandemic.

You can see the tweet below. (It is in Portugese.)

The rough translation provided by Google says “BH staff, Robson is the DC [artist] and a dear friend, he is trying to survive the COVID and needs blood donation.”

Rocha, a Brazilian-born comics artist, has worked with DC consistently for nearly 10 years, working on New 52 titles like Lobo, Sinestro, Birds of Prey, Superboy, and Batman/Superman before becoming a fan favorite with Green Lanterns with Sam Humphries and Aquaman with Kelly Sue DeConnick.

“I’ve been a fan of comic books since I was a child,” said Rocha back when DC signed him. “To have the opportunity to work with the DC characters I admire and love so much is a dream come true. These heroes have helped me believe in a better and much more fantastic world. I hope that my contributions to these characters will help to inspire others.”

We’re wishing Mr. Rocha a speedy recovery.

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