DC Comics Reveals Dick Grayson May Not Have Been The First Robin

DC Comics just revealed that Dick Grayson might not have been the first Robin to serve alongside Batman. November is shaping up to be a big month for The Boy Wonder. DC is calling it Robin month, and there will be more red, yellow, and green content than readers know what to do with. ROBINS #1 is the effort that will introduce a new player into the mix. Batman has had a sidekick for a long time. But, an assailant stumbles into the Robin support group claiming to have come before all of them. It’s a revelation that would shake everything up as Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne all will have something to say about such a claim. Back when DC had their Round Robin Competiton, ROBINS was one of the possible series that could be picked up. A million fans weighed in and decided they wanted all of the young heroes front and center.

Readers can check it out on DC Universe Infinite first on October 26th. (You’ll have to subscribe to the service for early access.) If you want the issue in hard copy, you can grab Robins in a store on November 16th. Babs Tarr will be making a variant cover and other artists are going to try their hand at the group as well.

DC described the title back when the voting was going on: “In the Blüdhaven apartment of Dick Grayson, a group of young people meets for coffee, doughnuts, and kvetching (between long, awkward silences.) The only thing they have in common? All were once Kid Wonders. Sidekicks to Batman. Robins.”

Things have been fleshed out since that period and fans are pumped to see what comes of all of this.

“ROBINS #1, written by Tim Seeley (GRAYSON, SUICIDE SQUAD: KING SHARK), with art by Baldemar Rivas (UNEARTH), peels back the domino mask on the realities and costs of being a Robin. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Damian Wayne come together in the world’s most specific support group to finally talk about whether being a Robin was a good idea… but they can’t even do that without being ambushed. As an unknown assailant claims to have been the first Robin, the flock of Robins must figure out who she is, and what it means to be a Robin.”

Who do you think the first Robin could be? Let us know down in the comments!

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