DC’s Stargirl Showrunner Teases “Personal” Villain Eclipso

The second season of DC’s Stargirl hits The CW next month and while the young heroes of the new Justice Society of America faced some formidable foes when they took on Icicle and the Injustice Society, there are new villains coming. Among them is Eclipso, the big bad for Season 2 that was teased in the Season 1 finale. The absolute embodiment of darkness and corruption in comics, Eclipso has been a major foe for some of DC’s heaviest of hitters, and according to series showrunner Geoff Johns, on DC’s Stargirl, we’ll see Eclipso’s darkness clash with Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl’s (Brec Bassinger) light with the villain having no qualms about tapping into deeply personal pain.

“Eclipso is pretty formidable and all about darkness, which is great to go up against somebody who is all about light, like Courtney and the Justice Society,” Johns told SFX Magazine. “There’s these colliding ideologies and powers and drives that really help generate strong emotional stories, that challenge each of our characters individually. They each go through something that is really personal to them. That’s what Eclipso does best. He makes things very personal. He turns over rocks that you might not want him to turn over.”

It’s that sort of approach that makes Eclipso a very different type of evil and according to series star Brec Bassinger, Eclipso along with another villain, The Shade (Jonathan Cake), Courtney will be facing a completely new, dark challenge in Season 2.

“They’re very dark. Don’t get me wrong, the ISA is evil,” Bassinger told ComicBook.com last season. “But the Shade and Eclipso, they have this darkness among them that I think is very different than the ISA. It’s a different type of evil that Courtney hasn’t experienced yet. So, I’m really excited to dive into that, but it’s definitely going to be different for her.”

Johns had a similar sentiment last year as well, explaining a bit more about how Eclipso feeds off of humanity’s darkness and how that will make things much scarier in Season 2.

“It’s such a different, darker, scarier threat because the threat is… Cindy is one thing, and she’s got the Black Diamond and were obviously going to explore that,” Johns said last year at New York Comic-Con. “But the thing inside is, this entity that’s trapped, this ancient being that feeds off humanity’s own sins and grief and fear and darkness is trapped in this Black Diamond and has been there for a long, long time and is aching to do what he does and feed off the darkness within humanity.”

DC’s Stargirl season 2 premieres Tuesday, August 10 on The CW.

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