Death Stranding Surpasses 5 Million in Sales

Kojima Productions has announced that as of March 2021, the studio’s 2019 release Death Stranding has surpassed five million sales in total. This number is compiled from sales across both the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game, the latter of which was released back in 2020. With the upcoming arrival of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, though, it stands to reason that these sales will only continue to climb.

News of this sales milestone for Death Stranding was revealed via a new interview with Within this interview, Kojima Productions’ Head of Publishing, Jay Boor, said that the studio is greatly pleased with how the game has sold, especially since this is the first title that has been released from the company. “With Death Stranding being the first title developed out of Kojima Productions, from a sales perspective, it has performed quite well,” Boor said.

Looking to the future a bit more, Boor also briefly talked about Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which is the new version of the game that is poised to release on PlayStation 5 in September. Although Boor said that the studio is waiting to reveal more about this iteration of the title within the next few weeks, he said that it will look to build off of the overall “Strand System” that was present in Death Stranding. “We’re introducing new missions and added storylines, more weapons, vehicles and equipment, we’ve even added a racing mode and online leaderboards as well,” Boor explained of Director’s Cut. “The aim for Director’s Cut was to introduce new content that would further expand the world within Death Stranding while at the same time enhance the core game experience and its features.”

It remains to be seen if all of this new content in Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be enjoyed by fans, but it definitely seems to be shaping up quite nicely. This new version of the game is poised to release on September 24, 2021, and will be arriving exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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