Deathloop Actor Reveals That He’s Finally Getting a PS5 Thanks to Bethesda

To coincide with the launch of Deathloop earlier this month, Jason Kelley, who is the actor behind the game’s main protagonist, Colt, revealed that he wouldn’t be able to play the title on PlayStation 5 due to the fact that he still couldn’t track down a console. Like many others around the globe, Kelley has found it nearly impossible to get his hands on the PS5 due to how the console is still being sold by a number of retailers. Fortunately, those over at Bethesda seem to have come in clutch for Kelley and have now given him a way of playing Deathloop for Sony’s next-gen platform.

In a new interview with YouTube channel JumpCut Play, Kelley revealed that the team at Bethesda was able to ensure that a PS5 would be sent to him in the near future so that he could play Deathloop on a console rather than PC. Although the PS5 itself still hasn’t shown up at his home just yet, Kelley said that it should be on its way. “I made an announcement, I was doing a bit and said that I didn’t have one and it turns out, I was just notified by Bethesda that a PS5 was made available and is going to be shipped to me, with the game as well,” Kelley said of the matter. “So, I’ll be playing the game… I’m super excited.”

Prior to Kelley confirming that this PS5 console was on its way, Bethesda’s Pete Hines informed the actor on Twitter that he should be able to get a unit sent over in short order. Clearly, even though Hines might now technically be an employee at Xbox and Microsoft, he still had enough connections over at Sony to help Kelley out with his search. After all, if anyone deserves to play Deathloop on PS5, it would be the man behind the game’s main character.

If you haven’t played Deathloop for yourself just yet, the game is currently available to pick up on PS5 and PC. And if you’re looking for a more opinionated take on the game, you can check out our own review right here.


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