Dexter Star Reveals Four Episodes to Watch Before New Blood Revival

We’re just two months out from the return of Dexter on Showtime in the new revival series Dexter: New Blood and with it a new chapter and perhaps a proper ending. Fans of the drama series have long been vocal about their dissatisfaction with how the series ended eight years ago and now they’re being given the chance for a proper re-do. Ahead of the all-new episodes that will debut in November, series star Michael C. Hall has revealed four episodes of the original run you should re-visit ahead of the show’s return. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly Hall said: “If you’re starting to watch Dexter I recommend you start with the first episode and then watch them in order.” Short of that, Hall recommends these four episodes:

  • Episode 1.01 – “Dexter” – “The pilot episode is really good though, it’s one of my favorites.”
  • Episode 1.10 – “Seeing Red” – “Again, I recommend that you watch the episodes in order but in the first season there’s also an episode where Dexter makes a fundamental discovery about his origins and if nothing else I love it because I got to do this really fun faceplant into a room full of blood and it was like sort of a macabre slip and slide.”
  • Episode 3.10 – “Go Your Own Way” – “I really love the episode in season three where Dexter and Miguel Prado, played by Jimmy Smits, end up having a face-off on the roof of a building downtown, and Jimmy Smits does this amazing thing where he makes this gesture while he’s yelling at Dexter. I don’t know, that always really stuck in my mind because I had a front row seat to it.”
  • Episode 4.12 – “The Getaway” – “Then I would have to say the finale of season four. If you haven’t seen the show yet I won’t say anything more than that, and again I recommend that you watch all the episodes leading up to that, but you’ll see what I mean.”

Though the series is being billed as limited, Hall has already alluded to being up for even more beyond the ten episodes that they’ve already shot for “New Blood.” While speaking during the show’s Comic-Con @ Home panel this summer, showrunner and executive producer Clyde Phillips made it clear that the new episodes aren’t “Dexter season 9,” thus the subtitle this time around.

“One of the things that we all agreed on — and Michael really insisted on and he was completely right — is that this not be ‘Dexter season 9,'” Phillips said. “That we acknowledge that this is not the next moment after the lumberjack moment. That we acknowledge the truth, that time has passed, almost 10 years have passed, and we pick up Dexter in another place, in another world actually, as far away from Miami as possible.”

Dexter: New Blood will premiere on Showtime on Sunday, November 7th at 9 P.M. ET/PT.

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