Disney+ Is Down for Some Confused Fans

Disney+ is down and people are trying to figure out what exactly is going on. Over at DownDetector, the incident tickets are steadily rising. Social media is telling a similar story at the moment as people flood their Twitter accounts with confused messages. With Loki’s Season 1 finale dropping this week, it’s been a busy period for the streaming platform. With the weekend quickly approaching, even more viewers are piling in than usual. Over the last year and change, all sorts of services have seen their coverage become a bit of an issue. Netflix and Hulu have had struggles of their own. To show you how serious this can get, both PlayStation and Xbox Live have had their fair share of troubles as well. With the amount of people crowding into digital spaces to watch their favorite movies, it’s no wonder that access can be a bit tricky during high traffic hours. Hopefully, things get back to normal soon so that people can enjoy their evenings.

Have you run into this issues on Disney+? Let us know down in the comments! Check out some of the best responses down below:



A little dramatic


Big bummer


Time to wait


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