Disney To Bring Back 90’s Classic ‘Rocketeer’ To Life! Updates On The Film

Disney Set To Revive 90’s Classics

Disney has brought many stories into life, which made the fans amazed by their creative projection of characters. The news on ‘The Return of Rocketeer’ is now talk-of the-town. The film is official.

David Oyelowo and his wife Jessica will be producing the film under Yoruba Saxon banner. Also Ed Ricourt will put-together the script for the movie, he is also well-known for ‘Now You See Me’ and Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

David and Jessica Oyelowo
Instagram/ David Oyelowo

It is a smart move by Disney to re-create the story of the Rocketeer. As it will be creative considering the story and all new technology of filming.

What Will Be The Storyline?

‘The Return Of Rocketeer’ will have an updated story. The original version was released in 1991 which made $47 million in the box office. The movie was well accepted by the fans.

However the production house never thought of creating a sequel until 2021.

And the story is focused on a young pilot who comes in contact with a prototype jet-pack through which he will be the next masked-hero.

But the sequel of the movie will focus on the retired airman who turns out to be a super-hero. The movie will be satisfying the fans, because Disney’s creativity is meritorious.

Pre-Production Plans For The Movie

The movie will hit the screen under Yoruba Saxon banner. So bascially, the story is extracted from artist Dave Stevens who originally penned the novel. And Disney’s crew will be handling the shoot of the film.

Yoruba Saxon production
Instagram/ Yoruba Saxon

And the story will be under the expertise of writer Ed Ricourt. For now the information of the cast and release are not declared. But fans are quite happy on its return.

Rocketeer almost created a cult among Disney fan which resulted in the sequel of the movie. Also Brigham Taylor will be producing along with Yoruba Saxon.

But with a brilliant crew the movie’s outcome will try to make its place among Disney’s fans.

And currently the release dates are not yet revealed but has made the fans curious about its release.

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