Disney World Celebrated its 50th Anniversary with Historical Pictures and Breath-taking Fireworks Show

Disney World’s 50th anniversary was a grand affair!

Everyone’s favourite Disney World celebrates their 50th anniversary on this Friday, 1st of October, continuing their glorious journey to be a major driver in the whole travel world.

Journey of Walt Disney World

Popular theme park among the the world Walt Disney World Resort was built in 1st October of 1971. This journey of 50 years were never been so easy. In 1959 one landowner rejected Walt Disney’s attempt of buying a beach land in Florida saying that they don’t do business with carnival people.

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

Later the man behind the Disney World went to a quiet central Florida town, named Orlando to build the east coast version of the theme park. That place now has spread across 42 square miles. Annually almost 50 million people visit The Disney World and the theme park itself employs over 70000 people.

In 1971, when it was made, there was only one theme park, named “Magic Kingdom” and some golf courses and resorts. Later few more park joined the list. In 1982 Epcot was built, in 1989 Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom in 1998. In 1989 the water parks Typhoon Lagoon was built but is temporarily closed for now. Also Blizzard Beach were added to the resort in 1995.

The celebration

On 1st October, Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration started with confetti cannons.

Walt Disney World | Instagram

The promotional events will continue for at least 18 months. The theme park will include new rollercoaster to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. A new theme music named “The magic is calling” is there too

Now Disney has total 12 parks and 6 resorts in three different continents. The Florida park was second park of Disney after Southern California’s Disneyland which was built in 17th of July 1955.

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