Donda Rapper Kanye West Networth In 2021 Will Blow Your Mind

Kanye’s net worth after sad divorce with Kim is still high in the sky

The American rapper, songwriter, producer, executive producer, and influencer just released his latest album Donda. His new album was dedicated to his beloved mother who died a long time ago. Moreover, Kim Kardashian was also featured in the recent Donda event. The duo has already filed for divorce and it seems like there is no way of returning. Well, everyone is loving the Donda album and Kanye is receiving a lot of love from all over the world.

The multitalented rapper is also featured in Forbes richest persons’ list. However, at times Kanye has said that Forbes has underdetermined his value. So what is Kanye West’s met worth? Read below to know more about Kanye West’s net worth.

Kanye West Networth

Kanye West net worth in 2021

According to Forbes, Kanye West has a net worth of $1.8 billion currently in 2021. Forbes keeps its data in real-time and therefore the data is surely actual. Moreover, Forbes has already tagged him as a billionaire and he is the number one target of Forbes for the Hip Hop category. The rapper also receives 11% royalty from Yeezy (his footwear brand). The lavish brand brought him almost $1.5 billion two years ago.

Additionally, he is also a passionate real estate investor. The rapper owns land in Calabasas in CA which is worth 200 acres. He also owns a mansion with his estranged wife Kim Kardashian in Beverly.

Kanye west netowrth
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When did Kanye claim that Forbes has underdetermined him?

Last year Kanye’s net worth was $1.3 billion. However, the rapper was not happy with Forbes’ calculation and texted them that his net worth in 2020 is $3.3 billion. But Forbes being Forbes calculated his net worth again and it again came out to be the same. So Kanye was kind of not happy last year by Forbes calculation.

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