Dragon Ball Rumor Suggests Super Saiyan 3 Rose Is on Its Way

Dragon Ball has a ton of transformations under its belt, and they have been mixed and matched more than you may realize. It goes without saying that the mainline series has done its best to shake up its various forms, but that doesn’t even begin to touch the lesser-known parts of the franchise. And now, it seems like a new take on Super Saiyan 3 is coming.

The update came online when Dragon Ball accounts were greeted by a surprising image. As you can see below, a photo of Super Dragon Ball Heroes‘ new arcade facade was posted, and it shows some familiar faces. Goku can be seen as usual, but fans didn’t expect to see Goku Black centered in a new form.

As you can tell, Goku Black has entered Super Saiyan Rose in this shot, but that is not all. He managed to combine the godly form with Super Saiyan 3. This means Super Saiyan Rose 3 is a thing now, and it looks just as wild as we expected.

This form might not be considered canon given its placement in Dragon Ball Heroes, but it is a wild thing for fans to see. This spinoff anime has no firm grasp on power levels (much like the mainline series), so there is no telling how strong this transformation will be.

Fans can expect to see this form hit the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime before too long. The show’s current arc is following Goku during his own battle with Goku Black, and the revived villain is giving our hero grief. And with Cell having shown up recently, things are about to get even wilder for our Saiyan heroes.

What do you think of this new Dragon Ball visual? Are you a fan of Super Saiyan Rose 3? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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