Dragon Ball Super Confirms Monaito’s History With Granolah

Dragon Ball Super has confirmed Monaito’s history together with Granolah! The Granolah the Survivor arc continues with the newest chapters of the manga release of the series, and Granolah himself remains the most curious addition to the series’ canon in quite some time. Not only did he bring with him another entire race that was once wiped out by Freeza and the Saiyans, but the fighter himself was teased as being far more complicated than anyone could have initially expected. Making matters even more interesting was that this fighter had a small connection to the Namekians as well.

It was revealed earlier in the arc that Granolah had been spending his days with the Namekian named Monaito as the two of them had become refugees of their respective species’ being wiped out, and took refuge with one another on Planet Cereal. It’s here that Granolah ended up having access to a new set of Dragon Balls, successfully getting a wish of his own, and kicking off this entire new fight, but now it’s been confirmed by Dragon Ball’s official website that their relationship is deeper even than that.

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The official website for the series released the first part of a special explainer looking into the Namekians that have been introduced in the series thus far, and they refer to Monaito as Granolah’s “adoptive father.” This means there’s a much deeper connection between the two than we have seen in their brief times in the manga together. This could also mean that it’s a bigger card still left to play as Granolah continues to fall further into his power and drive for vengeance.

As we have seen over the course of his fights against Goku and Vegeta, he’s less willing to hear anyone out and more willing to deal as much damage as possible. He’s starting to enjoy the power he has and is even growing stronger through the fights against the Saiyans, so there’s something else driving his fighting now than just the pure vengeance before. It’s something that if he’s truly meant to be an ally to Goku and Vegeta later, Granolah will need to be snapped out of it.

The one to do this could be Monaito, but we’ll see what happens in future chapters of the series but now we understand that these two have the deep connection that had been purported before. But what do you think about Granolah and Monaito’s connection? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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