Dragon Ball Super Makes Bold Claim About Vegeta’s Past

Dragon Ball Super has a new chapter out, and of course, fans are geeking out about the release. In this new update, fans find Vegeta under the wildest of circumstances. After being dragged through the mud by Granolah, the Saiyan is hurting something fierce, and he even admitted something about himself in the shadow of his defeat.

The whole thing went live today when Dragon Ball Super put out its newest chapter. The update focused on Granolah as he powered up against Vegeta, and the effects of Ultra Ego began fading. As you can imagine, the Saiyan was pummeled by Granolah thanks to his renewed state, but some fans wondered why Vegeta was holding back. It seemed something was keeping him from using Ultra Ego as expected… and they were right.

Vegeta admits this truth himself towards the chapter’s end. The bloodied hero gives his apologies to Beerus from afar because he is not able to use Ultra Ego like instructed. “I couldn’t revert to the callous, unfeeling man I once was. That God of Destruction power was beyond the scope of a novice like me.”

As you can see, this reveal is fairly unexpected. Vegeta might be a hero more often than not these days, but his anger has never gone away. His simmering rage has always given Vegeta access to untold power, and Beerus showed the Saiyan how that emotion could be used to become a destroyer. However, Vegeta doesn’t believe he can use Ultra Ego to its fullest because he’s unwilling to be like the man he was once upon a time. But if Dragon Ball Super fans are right, Ultra Ego does not require such a push.

In fact, Vegeta needs to feel to become a destroyer. The power in destroying something comes from knowing its worth and being selective in using it. Sure, Beerus might be more callous about his job, but Vegeta could bring serious power to Ultra Ego if he finds a way to blend its power with his emotions. So if we had to guess, that is going to be Vegeta’s next task in Dragon Ball Super.

What do you think about Vegeta’s part in this new chapter? Are you surprised by his admission here or…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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