Dragon Ball Super Raises Major Question About Granolah’s Full Power

Dragon Ball Super is raising a major question about Granolah’s full power with the newest chapter of the series! As promised by the cliffhanger in the previous chapter, the fights against the titular Granolah the Survivor of the new arc have begun in full as Goku is the first to test the fruits of his training with Whis against this new foe. As fans have started to see with this fight, Granolah is a lot sneakier and stronger than Goku might have been ready for as he continues to prove why he’s successfully become the strongest in the universe.

While he continues to fight and prove just how fitting that title just might be, the newest chapter of the series is also raising some serious questions about Granolah’s power. It’s revealed in the newest chapter that the Granolah that Goku and Vegeta have spotted is not actually the Granolah we’ve been seeing this entire time. Splitting his power, Granolah had sent out a powerful clone to kill the Saiyans and save his real power for Freeza. Now the question is, how strong is Granolah really if that was only half of his strength?

Dragon Ball Super Manga Spoilers Granolah Full Power Question
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Chapter 73 of the series sees Goku testing his Ultra Instinct training, and he hits the limits of his uses of it together with Super Saiyan as Granolah is able to see through every one of his attacks. There’s some hope when Goku uses his full Mastered Ultra Instinct form and gets the better of Granolah, but then it’s revealed that Granolah had made a clone by splitting his power. So the Granolah Goku had been struggling against was only fighting at half strength.

Granolah revealed that he had crafted an illusory clone imbued with the power from his real body, so he had been purposefully holding himself back for his planned fight against Freeza after this. Dissolving the illusion sees him take Goku by surprise and defeat him, so now the question is if Granolah was able to keep up with Ultra Instinct with an illusion made solid with his power, how strong is he really going to be in a fight?

We’ll see this put to the test soon enough as the chapter comes to an end with a tease that Vegeta’s getting his turn next, and there’s a good chance Vegeta has a better shot at winning this time. Because while Goku had been focusing on Ultra Instinct, Vegeta has been picking up all the kinds of tricky techniques that Granolah had been using in this fight. But if Granolah suddenly has god level strength, it could be trouble.

But what do you think? How strong is Granolah really going to be if his illusion clone was strong enough to keep up with Goku? Does Vegeta stand a chance in this case? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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