Edge and the Mysterios Taunt Roman Reigns with Usos Beatdown on SmackDown

Edge came out to the ring and called out the Tribal Chief, and it didn’t take long for Roman Reigns to make his way to the ring. Shortly after he came down the ramp and the Usos came out to have his back, but Reigns stressed that Edge called him out one on one so he would meet him in the ring alone. He took off his jacket and headed into the ring, and then the two just started trading punches and blows, but they were interrupted by some unexpected help for Edge in the form of a returning Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio.

The Mysterios took out the Usos and sent them flying out of the ring, while Edge took on Reigns in the ring. Dominick got superkicked but Rey got some revenge, though Rey would then get thrown against a chair for a bit. The Usos did make it into the ring eventually to take on Edge, but then Rey interrupted them and Dominick even set himself up for a 619.

Edge and the Mysterios then continued to beat down the Usos, and Rey had Jey locked down while Reigns headed to the ramp. Then Edge broke the chair again and grabbed the bar he used against Reigns, and with Jey locked down he headed his way.

Then Edge put the bar between Jey’s mouth and tortured him in the ring with it while Reigns had to watch from the ramp, and he couldn’t get close because Rey and Dominik were guarding him.

Edge finished and stared down Reigns, who looked pretty angry and upset at the top of the ramp.

This is all payback from a few weeks ago, as Reigns threw Dominick out of the ring and hard to the floor, knocking him out of action. Then Rey got a match against Reigns in a cell, and Reigns did the same thing once again, this time throwing Rey out and against the Cell wall.

Both stars were out of action until now, and this is their payback, but Edge wasn’t done. He locked in Jey again with the bar while Rey and Dominik helped, and then they moved Jimmy over so he could receive the same treatment. Then they went back to Jey, taunting Reigns the whole time as he looked on. Reigns never rushed to the ring, choosing to walk away and bide his time.

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