EHYPEN Members Under Attack by Covid-19

Ni-Ki is the sixth EHNYPEN band member to contact the deadly Covid -19 virus

The world is looking grim for EHNYPEN fans. Another sad news comes their way as the band’s sixth member Ni-Ki has tested positive for the virus. Other band members Jungwon , Sunghoon , Jake , Heeseung and Jay have also tested positive. It was after three days that Ni- Ki also tested positive.

Only one band member Sunoo is still protected and tested negative for the deadly coronavirus.

BELIFT Lab revealed all the details in their official statement. Soompi quoted the BELIFT lab statement and said that the pop star is currently in self-quarantine.

credit : EHYPEN | Instagram

Other details given by BELIFT

Fans have gotten an update on the health of the star. Management said that he is in self-quarantine in separate quarters. He is also taking all the precautions. His condition is being monitored closely with daily self-testing and PCR testing as well.

16-year old’s star’s health started deteriorating on Friday 3rd September when he started showing symptoms. The initial alarm was raised when he started coughing and tested positive the next day itself.

Thankfully, his symptoms are mild and light but he taking all the directives from the health authorities seriously. He will relocate to a treatment facility soon as possible. He doesn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Management went on to say that they deeply regret the condition and offered a sincere apology to the fans. They, however, sounded hopeful and said they will do their best to ensure each and every member is well-taken care of. it will be made sure everyone recovers as soon as possible. Everyone are cooperating with the government and health authorities.

Fans flooded their social media’s with get well soon messages for the band members.

credit : ENHYPEN | Instagram

EHYPEN , a Japanese band was planning to re-launch in September.

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