Elder Scrolls’ New Extension ‘Deadlands’ Launches in November

Welcome to Deadlands

It isn’t the first time Elder Scrolls fans have been waiting for news like this. However, it’s a very unusual development. Elder Scrolls VI will be a long time coming. But, The Elder Scrolls Online is currently wrapping up its yearlong Gates of Oblivion event. Moreover, the game is gearing up for the release of its next expansion, Deadlands, which launches on November 1.

In terms of popularity, it gained the respect of pro gamers. Thanks to its story and all the exciting extensions. Furthermore, Numerous expansions have been released for Zenimax’s , The Elder Scrolls Online.

In addition, these extensions added entirely new regions from new titles, secret quests , classes weapons and introduced new features.

Challenges and new features

The Deadlands will be the end of the event as soon as the Gates of Oblivion expansion hit the shelves earlier this year. However, Bethesda was planning an expansion prequel to Oblivion at the end of 2021. Moreover, Bethesda says some areas in Deadlands will be familiar to Oblivion players.

In addition to The Burn’s molten rivers, it also has fire monsters. But its new areas will be equally exciting. Briefly, The Sever is known for its deadly storms and harsh winds. Furthermore, Deadlands will feature a massive new capital city, Fargrave. A massive skeleton roofs the city nestled in the mystical desert.

Still more to go

Sadly, the expansion is not free of charge. Members of Elder Scrolls Online can access this content or purchase it with Crowns found in the Crown Store. In addition, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion expansion will feature areas last seen in its predecessor.

Additionally, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One received next-gen updates for Elder Scrolls Online. It prioritises frame rate over resolution while also automatically enabling HDR on all consoles. But not the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Lastly, Todd Howard reports that The Elder Scrolls VI is “in the design phase.”

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