Embrace Yourself as ‘On My Block’ will soon be coming on Netflix with season 4

On My Block is soon coming with its fourth season on Netflix

The fourth and the final season of ‘On My Block’ is soon making its way to Netflix with its core team. However, the fourth season will continue the story after two years back with the main characters. In the third season, we saw Cesar played by Diego Tinoco, Jamal played by Brett Gray, Ruby by Jason Genao, and Mose by Sierra Capri. All the main characters went their separate ways to find out what is waiting for them.

Glimpse of fourth season
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How will the fourth season continue?

When the main characters find that the secret is revealed the team realizes that, they cannot run from their past anymore. Therefore, even if they don’t want they would still have to reunite with everyone for the sake of their life. The fourth season will be the end of the series. However, Netflix has also announced a spinoff for the series. The spinoff series will be called Freeridge. And the creators for this spinoff series will be the same as the original. Meanwhile, the major difference between both of the series will remain of the core team. This means the same concept yet a new team and new characters.

The coolest character of On My Block
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On My Block season, 4 will premier on October 4, 2021. There will be a total of 10 episodes in the fourth season. New episodes will be released every day at 3 am ET. Through the trailer, we can already tell that the fourth season has a lot to offer.

It has comedy, action, drama, and whatnot. Along with the team, the creators of the show are also excited for the release of the fourth season. Lauren Lungerich said in a statement that making On My Block was indeed one of the highlights of her life. They are excited for Freeidge too.

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