Emma stone to return for Cruella 2

Emma Stone will reprise her role as the vengeful Cruella de Vil in Cruella de Vil: Resurrection

In ‘Cruella’ the second part, Oscar winner Emma Stone has signed an agreement for the lead role. In early June, the news of “Cruella 2” appeared just weeks after the live action prequel to the animation “101 Dalmatian” from Disney was released in theatre.

Disney approached Cruella director Craig Gillespie for the sequel. Disney reached out to Tony McNamara as screenwriter to see the sequence he could come up with. It led to a rather obvious sequel at the end of the first film.

Credits: DisneyCruella| Instagram

A statement at that time stated, “ the movie was unbelievably well received by the audience around the world.

Even all the locations of CinemaScore at the opening weekend, with 97 percent of audiences on Rotten tomatoes, it was one of the most popular reimages”.

Inspiration for the role!

Thompson said, “I had taken some inspiration from Alexis Carrington Colby for ‘Dynasty’ during the preparations for my role”.

Alexis is a legendary television character, portrayed by Joan Collins on the prime time soap of 80s, known for being the ultimate power-hungry diva.

Emma stone
Credits: DisneyCruella| Instagram

Finding the character challenging, Stone said that it was interesting for her to immerse her deeply into a sinister villain of Disney. She further elaborated that it was a very exciting and interesting re-imagination of a character.

It was good for her to go deeper into what ticks her and how evil she is. Cruella received a massive reception 74% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics.

The film was also mentioned for the upcoming awards-season buzz.

Stone’s highly anticipated performance in ‘Cruella’ is currently played globally in theatres and is available on paid Disney+ premium services. Additionally, on August 27, all Disney+ subscribers will receive the film.

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