Emma Stone’s “Cruella” Released on Disney+ and Served all the Dalmatian Fans

Disney’s Cruella is Out and we’re loving it !

The Disney movie starring Emma Stone has been recently released on the OTT platform Disney + Hostar. The film is a prequel to the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. The movie tracks the story of Cruella De Vil who is played by Emma Watson. It is shown that after Cruella ends up as an orphan on the streets she teams up with two thieving novices named Jasper and Horace.

Subsequently, The story fast forwards a decade, where Cruella becomes the star of the fashion world and a force to Reckon with. This happens when she accidentally ends up making a signature piece for a rock star and catches the eye of the fashion world.

Emma Stone
credit : Emma Stone | Instagram

Review and fan’s opinions

The Emma stone starter definitely lived up to its hype and was well worth the wait. Moreover, it was certainly a treat for all the 101 Dalmatian fans out there. Fans were blown away by the twists and turn that the movie offered. Furthermore, The plot of Cruella kept people on the edge of their seats throughout the movie.

The mid-credit scene of the movie was also praised. Emma Stone was highly appreciated and congratulated for her role in the movie. From her outfits to her expressions everything was on point throughout the movie. The dynamic between Emma Thompson who played the role of the baroness and Cruella played by Stone was as good as it gets.

Emma Stone
credit : Emma Stone | Instagram

Apart from the acting and plot, it is the costuming from the movie that steals the show. It was so great that it made fans wish they knew more about fashion. Many of the fans loved the scene with Cruella’s trail blowing in the wind and called the costuming, truly a work of art.

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