Endgame Sixth Scale Figure Advanced Review

Ahead of the release of the sixth scale Thor figure based on the character appearance in the climactic moments from Avengers: Endgame, Sideshow has provided ComicBook.com with an advanced sample of the figure for review. The figure is expected to begin shipping in October of November of 2021, bringing the God of Thunder and both of his electrifying weapons to highly-detailed sixth scale life. The figure is priced at $274 with sculpting work by Yeon Sun Jeon, Ji Ho Lee, and Hwan Kim and paint by E-Lee and JC. Hong.

The new Thor figure arrives on the heels of a Thor figure from Avengers: Infinity War having been offered by Hot Toys from the film which preceded Endgame by one year. The Infinity War version of Thor offers the same weapons (though, the new takes on Mjolnir and Stormbreaker are major improvements) and the more physically fit version of the character. This new edition of Thor features the character in the wake of battling a depressive state after he failed to kill Thanos and save half of the universe from being destroyed. When he decided it was time to fight again, he summoned his weapons and the power of Thor, resulting in his hair getting some fancy braids and his costume being worn for the impending battle.

As with all figures, the adventure starts with the packaging. The Thor figure from Endgame features a sleek design on its packaging sleeve, having a large Avengers “A” logo that sees Thor’s face and lightning bursting through it. Mjolnir and Stormbreaker take the sides and the sleeve slides off to offer a view inside the packaging through a thin and clear plastic barrier.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

The figure comes with a pleasant amount of accessories. It has an Avengers: Endgame base which matches the rest of the line and boasts Thor’s name on the front (always a nice touch, even if it is simply expected at this point). There are four alternate pairs of hands in addition to the pair that comes attached to the figure, offering alternate grips to hold accessories or to compliment other poses.

The most impressive part of the figure is certainly in the accessories. The Mjolnir hammer and Stormbreaker axe offer improved detail and size by comparison to the same Marvel props which are a part of the Infinity War version of Thor from Hot Toys. Not only that, they light up and very easily. After batteries are added, no covers have to be removed to switch the lights on and create a lightning energy effect for the accessories – a brilliant touch! More on that in a bit.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

Front and back, the figure looks great. The cape shines nicely in light, offering a bright red which didn’t have much of an opportunity to come through when it was featured in the film given the dark setting of the destroyed Avengers HQ. The figure’s version of the cape might even be a bit brighter than what we saw in the film, if only slightly.

The sculpt on the figure’s face is quite well done and accurately made and painted. The majority of the head is covered in hair, be it the long hair Thor has grown out of the beard he has grown, and that limits the amount of actual face the figure boasts. That said, the hair and beard are a part of the sculpt and they’re well-delivered in addition to its ability to pose with them nicely. The figure bends at all of its joints with ease (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abdomen/core, his, knees, and ankles).

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

Perhaps the most impressive feature on the figure is its light-up features on Mjollnir and Stormbreaker. The battery locations are covered as to avoid any screws visible on the figure. Once they are in place, Stormbreaker lights up (and turns off) with a very easy push of a button at the top of its staff and axe. Mjolnir lights up with just as much ease as the hammer’s handle twists left or right to turn it on or off. When they light up, they’re gorgeous.

Meanwhile, the Thor figure itself also lights up to emit an electricity effect as if the God of Thunder is summoning the lightning. Attachable lightning accessories help carry the light really nicely and add an effect to the figure to give it an exciting presence.

(Photo: Brandon Davis / ComicBook.com)

All in all, it’s a great Thor figure because it found a way to justify its existence aside from a different physique for the God of Thunder by comparison to the Infinity War version of the character. The Avengers: Endgame sixth scale figure of Thor will be for those fans who either want a complete collection of all the different looks of Thor or Marvel Cinematic Universe characters in general, specifically enjoy the Endgame look and presence of Thor, or really enjoy sixth scale figures that boast great accessories. For $274, it is fairly priced considering the trio of lighting opportunities and tremendously detailed accessories. In fact, it might be the accessories that stand out more than the figure itself.

This figure is available for pre-order now from Sideshow. Want to see more of this Thor figure from Avengers: Endgame? Drop me a line on Instagram!

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