Eternals Trailer Has Fans Thinking They Saw Galactus

Early Thursday morning, Marvel Studios finally unveiled the official trailer for Eternals, the upcoming film from reigning Best Director winner Chloe Zhao. Not long after the trailer arrived, people started seeing a lot of tweets about Galactus, the popular villain from Marvel Comics. There is a correlation between the two events, as the trailer did cause the trending topic, but not because Galactus made a cameo appearance in the new Eternals ad.

There’s been a big misunderstanding regarding Galactus and the Eternals trailer. A lot of fans got excited at a potential glimpse at the character about halfway through the trailer, but the being in question is actually a Celestial.

While Galactus is a space-dwelling giant with strange armor and an enormous head, he’s got a distinct style that sets him apart from the Celestials, most of whom don’t have human-like faces (as Galactus does).

It can be easy to mistake the two, which has caused a bit of a stir online. Some people are tweeting their excitement about Galactus finally appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while others are trying to help with the misconception.

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