Everything You Missed in “Dance of Death”

If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Riverdale‘s latest episode, we’re here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from “Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death.” Obviously, spoilers for Season 5, Episode 17 of Riverdale, “Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death”, below! Only look if you want to know!


Betty and Tabitha have no luck finding suspicious truckers on the Lonely Highway. Tabitha gets a call from the mom of Squeaky, a waitress at Pop’s who has gone missing. Tabitha gets Jughead to agree to help Betty solve the Lonely Highway murders. Dr. Curdle Jr. finds a corpse that has been mutilated beyond recognition, which might be Polly or Squeaky. Betty relays that information to Alice, who then goes on her newscast and pleads for the killers to stop. Betty and Jughead meet with Lerman, Jughead’s former student who went missing for a week, and who recounts his experience being kidnapped and held in a shed near the Lonely Highway by the Mothman. Curdle does a DNA test on the body, and reveals that it was the trucker, who is a distant cousin of Betty’s through the Blossom line. Curdle also tells them that the bodies and other evidence were stolen, which Betty, Tabitha, and Jughead suspect is tied to the Blossoms. Betty and Jughead visit Nana Rose, who reveals that she’d given her husband’s illegitimate children to the Starkweather family in the woods, who have used the Mothman myth to stay secret.

Toni meets with one of the students at Riverdale High, Britta, who got into a fight after being bullied with homophobic names. Britta tells Toni that she might be queer, and Toni agrees to help her talk to her parents about it. Later, Toni tells Fangs that being there when Britta came out didn’t go well, and the two of them talk about their experiences coming out. Britta later runs away from home, and Toni enlists Betty, Jughead, and Fangs to help find her. They go to Mr. Dreyfuss (who is really a Starkweather), and Jughead confronts him about the Mothmen conspiracy, and Dreyfuss admits to it, revealing that they kidnapped and killed people for money, and then for the thrill of it. Meanwhile, Toni finds the shed, with Britta locked inside — just as a bunch of Starkweathers dressed in Mothmen armor begin to attack the group, but the group gets the upper hand, severely injuring the Starkweathers. Before he is taken away into FBI custody, Betty gets Dreyfuss to reveal the location of Polly’s body, which is in the trunk of a car in their junkyard.

Veronica and Chad divide their assets in the divorce, and Veronica lets Chad take whatever he needs, as long as she has Archie. Chad meets with Hiram, who suggests that he kill Archie to save his marriage with Veronica. Chad tries to shoot and kill Archie, but it doesn’t work, and Archie breaks Chad’s nose with a garbage can lid. Veronica comes back to the divorce proceedings and tells him she wants everything, otherwise she’ll press charges on him for Archie’s murder. This upsets Hiram, who tells Chad to get out of Riverdale altogether. As soon as the divorce is finalized, Veronica and Archie begin to hook up again.

Penelope begins to sow doubt in Kevin’s mind about Cheryl’s intentions at the ministry. Cheryl decides to go on a fast to get a message from the ministry’s higher being, which leads her to paint a vision of Mother Earth. Kevin decides to back out of the ministry, which pleases Penelope.

An explosion occurs at the Blossom mines, leaving Archie and Eric trapped inside. Veronica and Cheryl arrive at the scene, and Veronica suspects Hiram is behind it. Veronica immediately visits Hiram, knocking him unconscious and tying him to a chair. Veronica recounts the story of the day of her quinceanera, when she’d overheard Hiram saying he wished he had a son instead, something that has traumatized her to this day. Veronica provides him an ultimatum — that if Archie dies, she’s going to kill him.

Archie and Eric struggle in the minds, and Archie begins to see visions of Bingo and the other soldiers. Veronica gets injured trying to remove wreckage from the mines, and Cheryl tells her to go home, while she calls upon the elements to save Archie and Eric. It works, and Archie and Eric make it out of the mines alive.

Back at the Five Seasons, Chad breaks in as Veronica is preparing to take a bath. Veronica fights Chad, ultimately shooting and killing him. Veronica goes back to visit Hiram and sets him free, telling him that Archie survived. Veronica and Archie take a bubble bath together. Hiram burns a photo of Veronica and Hermione.


Riverdale airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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