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Pokemon Go‘s latest Community Day is here, with players aiming to get one of the best Shiny Starter Pokemon in the franchise. Today’s Community Day focuses on Tepig, the Fire-type Starter Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Black and White. Like all other Starter Pokemon, Tepig has a two-step evolution that ends with Emboar, a Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon. As with past Community Day events, today’s festivities start at 11 AM and will feature plenty of Tepig spawning all around your area. Any Pignite evolved into a Emboar during the event learns the Fire-type move Blast Burn, a move exclusive to Fire-type Starter Pokemon that can typically only learned during Community Day events.

Here’s everything you need to know about this weekend’s Community Day:

Tepig Community Day – Times and Date

Tepig’s Community Day runs from 11 AM to 5 PM local time on July 3rd.

Tepig Community Day – Exclusive Move

This month’s Community Day features the exclusive move Blast Burn. Blast Burn is a Fire-type charge move with a relatively modest energy cost (50 energy to use) and has a base damage of 110. It’s a standard for Fire-type Starter Pokemon, which often turns mediocre performers into major powerhouses in PvP. Unfortunately, because Emboar doesn’t have very good stats, Blast Burn won’t add very much firepower to this Pokemon’s arsenal.

Emboar’s Usefulness in Pokemon Go

Unfortunately, Emboar might be the weakest Fire-type Starter Pokemon we’ve seen to date. It has an atrocious Defense stat, which means that it will quickly go down in a fight. Sadly, Blast Burn doesn’t fix the core problems with this Pokemon. Although Emboar can do a bit more damage using Blast Burn, it’s not enough to make a statistical difference in most PvP fights.

Sadly, Emboar is one of those Pokemon whose use is limited to raid filler or as a Pokemon to stick in gyms. It’s not going to make much a difference to anyone who doesn’t have an already full collection of Pokemon.

Tepig Community Day – Other Bonuses

The Tepig Community Day will also come with a 3X Catch Stardust bonus, which means that players can earn a ton of Stardust for participating in the event. If you’re trying to stockpile Stardust in the game, be sure to stack the 3X Catch Stardust with a Star Piece to maximize your Stardust during the event.

Like other Community Day events, Tepig Community Day will also feature a boosted Shiny rate for Tepig. Shiny Tepig is a “golden” Shiny, with a distinctively more yellow skin tone than its typical form. Both Pignite and Emboar have pretty cool Shiny forms, so be sure to evolve your Shiny Tepig if you catch one. Players typically have a 1 in 24 chance of encountering a Shiny Tepig in the wild during the Community Day event. You can check out an image of Shiny Tepig below:

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