Fans are up for Celebrations! ‘Hospital Playlist’ Stars Begins Filming for a New Variety Show

The Hospital Playlist cast is coming back together!

The cast of the Hospital Playlist show has already started filming for a new variety show. The drama’s highly anticipated season two premiered recently in June.

The second season of the Hospital Playlist is available on Netflix and is twelve episodes long. The story is highly dramatic and set in a hospital where death, birth and everything else coexists.

The filming of the season finale will be wrapping up soon enough, on 6th September. Meanwhile, the cast’s new project, a variety show is already in the works.

The cast of the hospital playlist includes Jo Jung Suk, Kyung Ho, Jeon Mi Do, Yoo Yeon Seok and Kim Dae Myung.

hospital playlist
credit : hospital playlist | Instagram

New Variety show

The new Variety show will also be casting Jo Jung Suk, Kyung Ho, Jeon Mi Do, Yoo Yeon Seok and Kim Dae Myung. The filming of the show will begin on 6th September 2021 in the Gangwon Prince.

Na Yeong Seok, who directed the Hospital Playlist, will be directing the new show.

Many of the details about the upcoming show are still in the works. The title of the Variety show is yet to be decided. Although, sources revealed cast from both seasons one and two will be appearing in the series.

hospital playlist
credit : hospital playlist | Instagram

Fans are overjoyed at this news , as they believe that the cast shares incredible chemistry and seeing them together in a different show will ‘ simply be awesome.’

Meanwhile, others are busy wondering if their favourite Korean drama will be renewed for a third season instalment as well.

The season finale of ‘hospital playlist’ is scheduled to air on September 16th on tvn , ten days after the crew wraps up filming.

New details of the variety show are likely to be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

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