Fans Breathe a Sigh of Relief as Xiumin Recovers from the Covid-19

Xiumin defeats Covid-19

Exo fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, your favourite member Xiumin has emerged victorious and defeated the deadly Covid -19 Virus.

News outlet MBN and SM entertainment both confirmed and released the report on August 22nd, Sunday stating that the good news is indeed true and Xinium has made a complete recovery.

Exo is a Chinese – south Korean boyband that formed in the year 2011 and remains active till date. It currently has nine members. Suho , Xiumin , lay , chen , D.O , Kai , Baekhyun ,Chanyeol nd Sehun.

It was non-other than S.M entertainment that brought the band together. Their music spreads across various genres including R&B, Hip Hop and EDM.

credit : XIUMIN | Instagram

The band member Xiumin was diagnosed on August 5th 2021. He got tested via an RTPCR test when he felt uneasy and his health raised an alarm the day before. The virus reared its ugly head even though Xiumin had just tested negative on 29th July. The other band members immediately went into self – Quarantine after the PCR test came positive.

Although his symptoms were not as severe Xiumin didn’t take a chance with his health and halted all activities and events till he recovered. He also followed the doctor’s advice and guidance diligently while going through the treatment.

credit : Xiumin | Instagram

The pop star is currently has a musical lined up for him , for which he is preparing. His musical Hadestown opens up on September 7th.

The fans reaction

Naturally, the fans were worried about their Idol’s health when he tested positive in the first week of August. It appears that their proved to be miraculous and helped Xiumin recover completely.

Now that he is out of danger the fans are very thrilled and they continue to wish him a happy and healthy life ahead.

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