Fever Part 3 titled ‘Eternal Sunshine.’

ATEEZ’S ‘Eternal Sunshine’ is here

Yes Yes, you heard it right. ATEEZ is back and we can’t keep calm. ATEEZ is coming back after 8 months! The band has released their first-ever concept shot as a group.

It was only yesterday when ATEEZ announced a release date for their new album. The group is said to show the first concept photo of their next album today. According to their promotional plan, and they did not disappoint at all.

New Concept for the upcoming album

We all were hoping for a dark theme this time around. guess what we’re actually in for a surprise. the members are dressed in bright, colourful costumes. The guys appear to be at ease in their gorgeous fantasy country, and they seem to like it! While ATEEZ may be trying to confuse and may end up with a dark theme. But we are still really thrilled. If their smash song Waves is any indicator, ATEEZ is equally adept at bringing to life colourful themes.

Image source: Instagram @ateez_official_

We can say we have a concept photo after a series of cryptic messages and posts. one other reason why the album is important is because it will be their first comeback in months. since Mingi returned from his long vacation. Our 0T8’s heart is overjoyed.

The concept photo, named ‘Eternal Sunshine,’ features the band in vibrant colours with a blue sky in the backdrop. Even the setting appears to be a dreamland, with the lads comfortable and smiling for the camera.

Image source: Instagram @ateez_official_

The dreamy and blue colours are strikingly similar to several of the concept photographs revealed during the Zero: Fever Part.2 time. It may be showing that tale is set to be resumed. we know that the band and its concept will never disappoint us.

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