Fortnite Boss Teases “Crazy” Season 8 Event

According to Donald Mustard, Epic Games has some “crazy” story-related content cooking for the end of Season 7 and the start of Season 8. For those that don’t know: Donald Mustard is the Creative Director of Fortnite and the CCO of Epic Games, and he’s famous, among Fortnite fans, for teasing the mid-season and end-season events. And typically, he and his team make good on the teases, which is to say while Donald Mustard hyping up Fortnite should be taken with a grain of salt, he isn’t known to hype irresponsibly. That said, this time Mustard is also leaving room for a ton of speculation.

The tease comes the way of Mustard’s personal Instagram account, where he recently made the aforementioned tease, and that’s all he did. At the time, he didn’t divulge any additional teases or details, and that hasn’t changed.

“I could not be more excited for what we did in this series and for where we are taking it next,” said Mustard while live on the social media platform. “There’s a lot of cool stuff coming. Right now, we are nearing the end of Season 7, and there is just some amazing, crazy stuff happening over the rest of Season 7 and going into Season 8

From the sounds of it, this amazing and crazy stuff is going to start popping off soon, but for now, we don’t know what it will be. Of course, there are plenty of theories out there, backed by many leaks and reports, but nothing definitive yet.

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