Friday Night Lights Complete Series Coming to Netflix in August

Fresh off the heels of announcing that NBC Universal’s 30 Rock would be streaming on the service starting on August 1, Netflix has announced that another fan-favorite series is returning by announcing the complete series of Friday Night Lights is coming back, having been absent from Netflix for almost four years. All five seasons of the football drama will be streaming on Netflix (in the United States) starting on August 1st. Currently the series can be found on Hulu but it’s unclear if the series will be available on both platforms simultaneously or if it will be jumping ship from one to the other.

Like so many other shows that have been revived or rebooted, an attempt was made previously to do a sequel to the hit series. Filmmaker Peter Berg, who directed the original Friday Night Lights movie and developed the TV series, announced plans in 2011 to make a sequel movie with stars Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton attached to return. The project eventually fell apart and another attempt to revive the show was made but seemingly also stalled out. If you ask the cast of the show they wouldn’t want there to be a sequel.

“I don’t know about you guys but I get this question every time I’m interviewed: Will there be a reunion episode or will there be a spinoff?” Star Adrianne Palicki said during a cast reunion last April, benefiting Global Citizen’s #TogetherAtHome special. “The answer is no.”

“I personally wouldn’t,” Derek Phillips added in the same reunion. “I would love to do it because I love all of you guys and it would be great to work with everyone again but the show ended on such a wonderful note. I feel like it would just be a disservice to the show to bring it back on that level.”

“There’s a lot of shows that end too early and the fanbase and those involved never get the closure that they really need,” Scott Porter previously told Us Weekly. “I think a lot of us from Friday Night Lights all got the closure because it ended so well.”

Filmmaker David Gordon Green, who has carved out a new path in his career by directing Blumhouse’s new Halloween movies, was attached to a new version back in 2018 but it failed to come together.

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