Game Of Thrones Mountain Actor Shows Off Incredible Transformation Before Boxing Match

The Mountain from Game of Thrones looks absolutely shredded in some new pictures on social media. He’s preparing for a boxing match and that meant cutting a ton of weight in preparation for that event. Hathor Bjornsson, his real name, will be taking on Devon Lariat in Dubai later today. It’s been a long road to this point for the 32-year-old as he’s had to transfer his skills to fit a variety of disciplines. Before entering the ring, he was competing in Strongman Competitions like World’s Strongest Man. He reached that mountaintop and the Icelandic Giant has been looking for new challenges ever since. The call of boxing has been there for a while and he began preparing for an entirely different arena. Bjornsson has lost over 100 pounds in the lead-up to this fight. (The results show the strongman has been grinding hard to make weight and put on a good showing.) There’s no question that he looks ready for the moment.

Originally, this was supposed to be a fight between two weight-lifting titans. Fellow strongman Eddie Hall had his name on the marquee but suffered a bicep injury. He vocally doubted Bjornsson’s change of career. Hall spoke about it on social media. “Anyone with any boxing tenacity about them will know that was the biggest load of s**t that has probably ever happened in boxing,” Hall argued. “No-one can say he can [box] because he didn’t land a punch. I want to say a big thank you to Thor for doing that match and putting it out on the internet. It has literally given me the best advantage that I have ever had.”

The Mountain has been quite busy since Game of Thrones as he broke the world record for the deadlift. Bjornsson celebrated the moment and described his achievement on Instagram as well.

“I have no words. What an amazing day, one I will remember for the rest of my life. I said I was coming for it and once I set my mind on something I’m a dog with a bone. Want to give a huge shoutout to my family, friends, coaches, fans, sponsors, and haters, all of whom helped this lift be possible,” he wrote. “If you want to show some extra support head over to my YouTube, hit subscribe, and check out my latest video where you can see some behind the scenes! Thank you all for your support! Support a family business – .@roguefitness @reignbodyfuel @revive_md @transparentlabs @sbdapparel @kindafitkindafat_apparel @freezesleeve @coresportsworld @worldsultimatestrongman @australianstrengthcoach @stanefferding @theverticaldiet @andrireyr @stefansolvi @runarhrodi @kelc33”

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