Ghost Rider Fans Argue Which Version Is The Best

Ghost Rider fans met up on Twitter this week to argue about which iteration of the hero was the best. Gabriel Luna fans are in no short supply as a lot of fans wonder what could have been with Marvel TV. Inside the realm of scoopers, a lot of people are hoping they see John Wick star Keanu Reeves become the Spirit of Vengeance. But, beyond all the crowds, there are some of them that want Nic Cage back as Ghost Rider in some capacity to hand the reins to some other prospective star. For a Marvel hero that doesn’t get nearly enough time in the sun, it’s hard not to feel for all these fans as they debate their faves. Only time will tell what Kevin Feige has up his sleeve for Marvel Studios going forward. Check out the best posts right here.

When news of the Ghost Rider show’s cancelation reached the fans, Gabriel Luna had some thanks for the community that was pulling so hard for him.

“To everyone who loves Robbie and Ghost Rider, THANK YOU. I’ve had the time of my life playing those two guys and I was ready to rock on the new show,” he wrote. “The news was surprising, but I’ve always known that the nature of this business is that until you’re there, on the day, doing the thing it could still go away. Even then, that next day on the job ain’t guaranteed. Thanks to Loeb, @marvel, @felipesmithart and everyone who helped bring Robbie to life on the page and the screen.”

Who is your favorite Ghost Rider? Let us know in the comments!

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Everyone make a wish


A big favorite


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