Gigi Hadid Shares her Secret Motherhood Journal for Baby Khai

The ‘Good Journal’ Gigi & ‘Bad Journal’

In her new Harper’s Bazaar cover storey, Gigi Hadid discusses her concerns about becoming a mother when pregnant with her and her longterm partner Zayn Malik’s daughter, Khai.

The 26-year-old supermodel revealed she recounted the highs and lows of her pregnancy journey in two distinct journals in the months leading up to Khai’s September 2020 delivery. One she referred to as her “good journal,” while the other she referred to as her “bad journal.”

They weren’t so literal, according to Hadid, but one was more for Khai’s memories. She also mentioned that she might give her daughter the bad journal one day just to be honest about it.

Gigi Hadid with her daughter Khai where she experience her first snow
Credits : Gigi Hadid | Instagram

Last September, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik welcomed their daughter, whose name they have announced is Khai. Since then, the couple has shared photos of Khai on social media, but they’ve avoided showing her face in the photos.

Bella Hadid on keeping Khai away from paparazzi

Bella Hadid, Hadid’s sister, said in a new interview with Vogue that she understood her sister’s decision to keep her daughter away from the cameras and public eye.

She thinks that Gigi wants to be realistic online, but she doesn’t want to put her child in that situation until she wants to be in the spotlight and can make that decision for herself.

Gigi about motherhood

Gigi Hadid talked about her favourite part of parenthood and the highlight of her journey as a new mom. The most simple things, she claims, are the highlights of motherhood, even if they are as simple as picking up a cup or dropping a ball in a hole, she remarked, referring to the worth of all the small things.

Gigi has been uploading her daughter’s pictures on her social media accounts very often these days. Even though she doesn’t show Khai’s face, it’s quite apparent that she’s growing pretty well.

Gigi uploaded a very beautiful and lovely picture of Khai and Zayn, where they are standing in front of a glowing globe. She also wrote a beautiful and heart touching caption on it.

Zayn holding Khai in front of a glowing globe
Credits : Gigi Hadid | Instagram

She wrote that their daughter is so lucky to have a baba who loves her so much & will do anything to see her smile. She also tagged Zayn’s official Instagram @zayn along with, Happy first Father’s day , she’s so grateful for all the lil bits of her that is him. They love him so much.

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