“Grace and Frankie” Returns with Finale Four Episodes on Netflix Promising One Last Laugh

Grace and Frankie’s Comedic-Duo Returns On Netflix

Good news are very rare in this pandemic situation. But Netflix surprised the fans today by releasing the first 4 episodes of “Grace and Frankie”. It is like a dream come true moment for the fans. The plan for seventh season was finalized 2 years ago. But the pandemic paused the production in mid-March.

However the sixth season entertained only till the pandemic hit the world. The show gained popularity because of its humour through all the seasons.

The stars of the show Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were kind enough to record a video for the fans. The announcement eventually came out to be unexpected and hard to believe.

What is the plot for the Final Season?

Show-runner Marta Kauffman revealed what to expect from the finale. Marta also said, “Of course we are going to end with Grace and Frankie together in some form, of course we are,”. As always this show will have a happy ending claimed Kauffman.

snippets from the sixth season of the show
Skydance/ official website

The beginning of this comedy, shows how Grace and Frankie’s lives were turned upside-down. Gradually it ends up in their bonding. Since then its been a blend of everything making it longest-running show on Netflix. It bags a total of 94 episodes to binge.

The whole cast performed a live table read of the seventh season on “Netflix is a joke” YouTube.

Season 6 clearly states the all the 4 main characters are about to share screen together. Grace, Frankie, Sol, and Robert will live under one roof for the final season. The original cast returns as they did in the start. Many things have changed but one thing stays forever and that is the ‘humour.’

The remaining 12 episodes will be released in 2022.

Life after Final Season

Fonda and Tomlin admitted the fact that it is very hard to end a show like this. Both said, “We are both delighted and heartbroken that Grace and Frankie will be back for its seventh, though final, season,”. They also feel happy on how “Grace and Frankie” made an impact on young generations.

snippets from sixth season of Grace and Frankie
Skydance/ Official website

Fans as well as Fonda and Tomlin will be missing this amazing show. Although it is a sad reality to accept the fact, it will only end in the next year by completing the whole show.

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