Gran Turismo 7 Beta Leaked for PS5

It looks as though PlayStation is soon planning to hold a beta of some sort prior to the launch of its upcoming racing sim Gran Turismo 7. News of this beta leaked recently on PlayStation’s official website, indicating that those working at Sony are seemingly preparing for its release in the near future.

This Gran Turismo 7 beta leak specifically happened on the Experience PlayStation subsection of the PlayStation website. This area of the site is one where Sony gives “quests” to PlayStation fans in the pursuit of earning unique rewards. Recently, some happened to notice that a new quest appeared for the region of Italy. Within this section, one of the accompanying quests involved that of Gran Turismo 7 and stated that a beta would be coming soon. Furthermore, the beta in question was only said to be available on PS5.

For now, it’s worth stressing that this beta (assuming it exists) isn’t accessible in any capacity. If you try to redeem this quest on the PlayStation website, the beta access code for Gran Turismo 7 you’re giving is purely a placeholder and doesn’t actually redeem. Still, this seems to be pretty substantial proof that those working at PlayStation are at the very least setting this event up behind the scenes, which means that a formal announcement could be coming soon.

As a whole, there’s still not a lot that we have heard about Gran Turismo 7 since it was unveiled last year. While it was first thought that the game would be exclusive to PlayStation 5 due to the way in which it was revealed, Sony just announced last month that it would also be releasing the title on PlayStation 4. This move, although a bit surprising, has been part of a larger initiative within Sony which has seen games like Horizon Forbidden West and the next God of War also coming to both platforms.

For now, the only thing we continue to know for certain about Gran Turismo 7 is that it’s poised to release at some point next year. If a new beta phase is announced in the near future from PlayStation, though, we’ll be sure to update you here at

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