Greg Nicotero Teases Creepshow Season 3 Plans (Exclusive)

Even before the second season of Shudder’s TV adaptation of Creepshow could premiere, the streamer went ahead and announced that a third was on the way. Ahead of the show’s panel for Comic-Con @ Home, series showrunner Greg Nicotero spoke with’s Brandon Davis in an exclusive interview and teased what was to come in the new episodes. “For season three the most fun thing about Creepshow is every episode is very different,” Nicotero said. “I wrote a bunch of them, and I directed a lot of them. and I had Rusty (Cundieff) direct. John Harrison directed. Joe Lynch directed. I had all the same people that did season two that came back.”

He continued, “There’s one episode called Queen Bee that’s in the pilot, that’s in the first episode. It was written by Erik Sandoval and Michael Rousselet. And it’s sort of a BeyoncĂ© type story. ‘What if all the people that admired this singer, they were being controlled by her because she was an alien?’ It’s kind of that sort of fun scenario…In the ‘Skeletons’ episode that we were talking about James Remar stars in that, and it’s a movie lovers bonanza.”

Nicotero revealed to us that plans for season three came together while in the midst of season two and the positivity from the network.

“I really did have a lot of fun and what ended up happening is as season two was progressing, the network was watching the cuts. And they’re like, “This sh-t is good. Do you guys have enough scripts to keep going and do another six episodes?’,” Nicotero added. “And like an idiot I went, ‘Yeah, sure. We should just keep going.’ Of course, it was much harder to just roll into 12 more stories, because it’s six episodes, it’s 12 stories.”

“So we were able to do it, and we did it well…I really had an amazing team around me, and they shared my enthusiasm and my responsibility to the brand and to George (A. Romero). And that’s what I think Creepshow has above and beyond any other anthology is I feel like I have a bar that’s already been set pretty high for me. And I’m pretty proud to say that we’ve hit that bar if not gone above it.”

The season three panel for Creepshow will kick off Saturday, July 24 at 6:00pm PT via Comic-Con @ Home. Nicotero will be joined by director Rusty Cundieff, writer Mattie Do, and cast members Michael Rooker and James Remar.

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