Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista Wants to Be in Star Trek

Dave Bautista was in the news this week after a fan suggested he join John Cena and The Rock in a hypothetical movie. The Guardians of the Galaxy star replied, “Nah I’m good!!,” making it clear that he’s not interested in joining his fellow wrestlers-turned-actors on the big screen. Bautista may not have been receptive to that suggestion, but he was interested in another: being in Star Trek.

“I figured a visual reference might help. I’d just prefer not to be lumped in. Nothing personal. #DreamChaser,” Bautista tweeted in response to an article about his “Nah I’m good!!” tweet. “I’m telling you man, would love to see you add Star Trek to your already incredibly diverse credits. Hope to see that one day,” @StobiesGalaxy replied. “Likewise. I was born to be a Klingon. Just sayin,” Bautista commented. You can check out the tweets below:

The idea of Bautista being in Star Trek isn’t too far-fetched considering his Guardians of the Galaxy co-star, Zoe Saldana, played Uhura in the Star Trek reboot films. Bautista may not be done with space, but he has admitted recently that he’s in a “weird place” with playing Drax in the MCU. Now that he’s 52-years-old, he feels he’s past the point of wanting to play a character with his shirt off all of the time. During a recent interview, Bautista shared that the role of Drax changed his life, but admitted he thinks Marvel “dropped the ball” on Drax’s story.

“That role changed the trajectory of my life,” Bautista told Collider. “It’s always going to be special to me. Now that I’m four films in… I really wished they would have invested more in Drax, personally. Because I think Drax has more of a story to tell. I think Drax has a really interesting backstory which they dropped the ball on. That’s no dig on Marvel. They had their slate, I know what they’re focused on, that’s what they have slated out. But man, I think they really missed the ball on Drax. He has such a great backstory. Selfishly, as a performer, that would have given me the opportunity to show different sides of Drax, emotionally. And physically as well. Because, if you notice, Drax, although he looks like a badass, you look at him and he looks terrifying, but Drax gets his ass kicked more than any other Marvel character…The whole ‘Destroyer’ thing they just threw that out the window…people just fell so in love with the comedic side of Drax they tapped into that, then they tapped into it more, then they really dug a hole into it. But we missed a huge boat on that character and I don’t think it’ll ever come back around. But I’m really just looking forward to finishing out this whole journey.”

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