Has Marvel Created Another Wonder through “What if…?”- Review

Did it live upto the expectations?

Marvel has taken the opportunity to explore its comic book roots in its fourth Tv series. Marvel‘s alternate universe series, which reimagines famous events from movies in unexpected ways, has lived up to the hype. It is Streaming on Disney+. Additionally, Season one and the first episode of the series rolled out on August 11, 2021, although new episodes will keep coming out every Wednesday at 12:30 pm IST. Till now Three episodes have been made available to critics.

what if...?
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The series is bright and colourful. It is perfectly executed. Furthermore, More than fifty characters like Captain America and Iron man from the MCU universe have returned to voice over their portrayal in the series. The special effects of the series have surpassed expectations. Animation has given marvel the opportunity to play with and explore different elements in the show.

What if, is set on the premise of the butterfly effect.How if a single event in the universe had been different consequently, it would have changed everything as we know it. The show takes inspiration from the 70’s comic book series.It spreads across 13 volumes. While it may not be the newest concept, the series has managed to put a fresh spin on the familiar idea.

Narrated by Jeffery Wright, the series offers infinite possibilities. By Tweaking and experimenting with various ideas, What if…? gives the viewer a lot to ponder over. For instance, In this version, it isn’t steve who becomes Captain America. British agent Peggy takes the super-soldier serum and in turn becomes Captain Carter.

The second episode is filled with emotions. T’Challa voiced over by the late Chadwick Boseman goes to space, becoming a rogue star lord.

The Watcher

what if...?
Credit: Marvel

Portrayed by Jeffery Wright, the watcher is a member of the watcher alien race who observes the multiverse. A.C Bradley , head writer revealed the watcher is above everything. He has no interest in a relationship with humanity. Wright learned about the role as though it is a live-action role, Hence his performance reflects the charisma.

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