Here’s Why Loki Variant Sylvie Swears All the Damn Time

Over the course of Loki Episode 3, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) gets in her fair share of swearing. Though there wasn’t anything too vulgar mentioned at any point in the show, the character did add some spicier dialogue here and there to keep the episode on its toes. According to Di Martino herself, that comes from her own “potty mouth.” In fact, the actor says Loki director Kate Herron often had to tell her to tone it down while the series was shooting principal photography.

“I think I just swear a lot. You know what, I think as Sylvie I probably swear a lot because she’s so angry, right?” Di Martino recently told ScreenRant. “And words like that sometimes express anger quite well. I imagine if you ask the editors, there was a lot more swearing and they had to cut a lot of it out. Kate was often telling me to stop swearing.”

Di Martino is finally going on a press tour after essentially getting an entire episode to herself. In a different interview, the actor broke down her process of getting into the role. It’s here she explained she did go back and study some of Tom Hiddleston’s previous Marvel works; though she did glean some from him, she wanted to make sure her character was entirely new to the MCU.

“I looked at his performance, but I try not to be shaped by it too much. Sylvie has had a very different backstory to Loki. She’s a different person, and that was really important to us right from the beginning,” Di Martino recently told Variety. “When [director] Kate [Herron] pitched me the idea when I finally got the job, and she was able to tell me a bit more about it, it was very clear that Sylvia was Sylvie. And she’s not Lady Loki from the comics. I mean, the show is inspired by the comics, but this is a brand new backstory in a brand new story. And so I wanted to make her my own.”

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