History of Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

After almost 20 years of interval Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck revived their romance

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a complete relation timeline from the beginning to the latest day. We take a stroll down the memory path from how they met the amazing rosy diamond that Affleck has proposed with and beyond.

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December 2001: Meeting between Ben and Jennifer. The pair met Gigli for the first time in their film set. J.Lo was married, but she filed for divorce soon after she met Ben with her second husband, Cris Judd.

November 2002: the engagement of Bennifer, Ben proposed a 6.1 carat diamond ring for Jennifer. September 2003: The couple’s wedding calls out : Just days before the ceremony, due to intensive media outbursts, they postponed their wedding.

The couple’s official statement:

In response to shocked fans and amazed friends, the couple issued a brief remark: “We decided to postpone the date due to the excessive media attention we received around our wedding,” both of them said, “When we seriously considered hiring three separate ‘decoy brides’ in three different places, we realised something was awful.” Then Bennifer officially split up a few months later.

A couple of years later, in 2008, the British TV show Live was breaking open. Flash ahead of 2016 when Jennifer said to Jess Cagle that the media attention affected her and Ben’s relationship in The Jess Cagle Interview. She also acknowledged that “There was true love,” which caused fans to speculate.

How did the 2.0 started again?

Rumours flying over a Bennifer 2.0 in May. After Alex Rodriguez’s J.Lo split. She had been spotted and about again with Ben, Jennifer had been open to the idea to come back with Ben by May 13.

24 May 2021: The couple are working together. Jennifer was supported by Ben, a major part of her daily routine. “It really seemed that Ben wanted to be with her too.”

J. Lo and Ben say they are official to friends on June 7th.On 9 June, Jennifer quickly decided to relocate with Ben to Los Angeles for a new beginning: Ben spends a good time with J.Lo’s mother in Las Vegas. At the beginning of June, the 75 year old mom of Jennifer, Guadalupe Rodríguez, visited Ben to film a new project in Las Vegas.

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J.Lo made it official!

The couple looked glad about the moon in pictures of a car coming together from the restaurant. J.Lo was all smiles. Finally, J.Lo made Bennifer 2.0 official at Instagram. Jennifer shared a photograph of her and Ben during her holidays in St. Tropez in a post for her 52th birthday.

Bennifer look more powerful and better than ever.

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