“House on Wheels” Rope in the Famous ‘Gong Myung’ for Upcoming Season

A house on wheels surprise for fans, Gong Myung to join as a new cast member !

House on Wheels cast is adding another member to its list and he is the youngest one yet. The youngest member of House on Wheels cast is the famous Gong Myung. The famous show is aired on TVN. The variety show is loved through out Korea. It started in 2020 and has already been renewed for it’s third season a year later. The much loved first season of house on wheels saw some amazing cast members as well.

Sung Dong II , Kim Hee Won and Yeo Jin Goo were all seen in the first season of the show. Yeo Jin Goo was later replaced by Im Si-wan in the second season which ended in June 2021.

The show bod adieu to its second season in June. It didn’t take much time for the show to be renewed for its third season. The official announcement was made just last month. Gong Myung will be taking the role of the youngest cast member this season.

House on wheels
credit : Gong Myung | Instagram

Fans are excited to see the dynamic between Sung Dong II , Kim Hee Won and Gong Myung.

What is stored for fans?

House on wheels is a much loved show. The show follows the journey of cast members as they go to the quietest spots in Korea. Additionally they use a portable home. They also bring along special people in their lives. Friends and family members make an appearance.

Kang Goong has helmed the previous seasons and will be doing the same for the third. He said that they are thankful and happy that Gong Myung has agreed to make an appearance on the third season of the show. House on wheels will show the Happy and Innocent side of Gong Myung.

house on wheels
credit : Gong Myung | Instagram

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