“How a Family is Made” Is Confirmed! Cast Is Brimming With Stars

A New Variety Show in pipeline

The pandemic has not only made lazy but has awakened many creative minds. To support the statement, a new variety show is set come later this year. It surely will be different from many other programs because of its star-spangled cast members.

The cast is the main part of creating a show, however this show has done a perfect job in that case.

The stars of the show are totally going to surprise the viewers. With stars like Soon Ho Young, Yesung, Yubin, BTOB’S Eunkwang, Lim Nayong, The Boyz’s Hyunjae, Kang Hye Won, WayV’s Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi, and Kim Kang Hoon .

The cast members for the new show 'How a family is made'
YouTube/ MBC x Discovey

A Major Insight On The Show

The cast members were delighted to share their experience and roles in the upcoming show. According to Soon Ho Young he explained the basic, that is they were already a family. He continued to say that many people can become one family, with an introduction to a married couple.

Yesung had no idea, and was still figuring out about the show. The cast’s youngest actor commented that he could be a younger or older sibling in the show. And went on to say that filming the show was like going to hang-out.

Members of the cast
YouTube/ MBC x Discovery

And all the cast members shared their experience on the show. They also applauded the staffs on the set who was friendly to work with.

The Announcement Of The Show

The variety show was announced on a live broadcast with all the stars of the show. On August 26 they announced the upcoming show and what the fans can expect.

The cast seemed to have enjoyed filming the show as they learned to know what a family was to each of them. Lee Dae Hwi also shared that a song was created especially for the show which will be released on the first episode.

MBC and Discovery Channel Korea are co-producing the show and confirmed its release later this year.

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