How to Find a Reliable VPN Service

VPNs are an effective tool that can be used to secure your online privacy.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which enables you to access the internet safely and securely. A VPN encrypts your data so that it can’t be accessed by anyone else as long as you are connected to the network, making it an effective way of protecting yourself from hackers or government surveillance when surfing online.

A virtual private network (VPN) allows users in any location with web-based connections–from home offices and coffee shops at work–to connect over encrypted channels anywhere on public networks such as airports, hotels, subways etc., enabling them to send Internet transmissions privately across public lines while keeping their geographical locations anonymous.

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These very same problems can occur when visiting portals associated with streaming video services and downloadable movies. Thankfully, a virtual private network (VPN) can help you to circumvent such frustrating situations. The only issue is that some networks are better than others. Let’s, therefore, examine what to look for in a quality provider.


One of the main reasons why VPN services come in so handy involves their ability to transmit and receive sensitive data between two locations. This is often the result of an encryption method known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Always be certain that the VPN in question utilises this type of protocol. You can therefore rest assured in the knowledge that personal information will remain behind closed doors at all times.

P2P Functionality

Peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing is another indicator of a worthwhile service provider. P2p sharing is often used when uploading and downloading large files (such as media) to a cloud-based server. This method is also completely anonymous, so both parties (the sender and the recipient) will never know the identities of one another. Although P2P functionality is not necessary if you wish to stream films or access online gaming sites, it is normally essential when sending files.


Of course, you always want to choose a VPN that offers superior levels of reliability. This is known as “uptime” throughout the industry. Try to find a service that provides access at least 95 per cent of the time. In the event that a fault occurs, you might otherwise find that access has been cut or that you will need to restart a download. These are both frustrating (and yet entirely avoidable) situations.

The Number of Servers

On a final note, the number of servers must also be addressed. You should be able to select from hundreds of nodes at any given time. For example, those who wish to access a website headquartered out of Canada will need to link with a VPN that is found within the same jurisdiction. Simply stated, a greater selection of servers will always equate to a more functional and flexible end-user experience.

There are literally hundreds of virtual private networks which can be accessed on a regular basis. This is why knowing what features define a reliable provider is always important. Do not hesitate to bookmark this article so that it can be accessed in the future when necessary. You will then be able to gain access to your favourite sites with the click of a button.

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