iKon Star B.I aka Kim Han-Bin Accepted Drug Charges but Requests Pardon

The Journey from Fame to Fall

Kim Han-Bin, who is professionally known as B.I, is a South-Korean rapper, singer, and record producer. B.I is a former member of the famous boy band iKon. On June 12, 2019, after having a successful career. B.I announced his departure from the boy band through an Instagram post. In addition, he announced his departure right after the news about him trying to purchase marijuana and LSD in 2016 got out.

After the news broke out, YG Entertainment denied the story by issuing a statement. However, B.I was first accused back in May 2021, for suspicions of purchasing drugs in 2016.

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Sins from the past

The first trial for the ongoing drug use case of B.I was held on August 27 at the Seoul Central District Court. At the hearing, it was stated by the prosecution that between the time period of March 2015 to April 2016. B.I used marijuana thrice. Also, Han Seo Hee was the informant and she was the one who claimed that B.I purchased those drugs from her.

In contrast, B.I confessed and accepted all the charges against him. B.I has been sentenced to prison for 3 years along with a fine of 1.5 million won, which is approximately $1,300. Ahead of his trial, B.I also submitted a letter of apology on August 25. Despite B.I’s confession, the fans of the former K-pop idol have taken to twitter to support him.

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A successful career and a perfect fandom

The news about B.I was hard for K-pop fans all over the world to comprehend. Since, B.I is one of the beloved artists of the K-pop industry. And his career as the leader of the famous boy band iKon is actually the “ikonik” period of his life as well. B.I also won “10th Melon Music Awards” under the category of “Songwriter of the Year” in 2018.

After his departure from the group iKon, IOK Company appointed B.I as the executive director of the company. With his self-written charity single album, Midnight Blue and full-length studio album, Waterfall. B.I also debuted as a solo artist in 2021.

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