In What Video Games Can Cryptocurrency Be Used?

The world is experiencing a new turn day-in-day-out in every facet of life. This is to simplify the human efforts in getting things done. Many innovations have found their way in the entertainment sector, as well as the gaming industry. This is to satisfy the intent and the desire of the large populace. One of those new dawns in gaming, primarily video gaming, is the inclusion of Cryptocurrency to make payments or request for withdrawal on winnings.

When talking about gaming and video gaming, the casino has been the top gaming platform that people depend on. This is a result of several games, especially video games that can be found. Not only that, playing casino video games, you will be able to make some passive income for yourself by playing different slots games that are of good return through

As everything changes and brings a new trend in the gaming market, Blockchain gaming is gradually taking over. Many gaming providers that offer various slot games and video games are beginning to integrate Blockchain into their video game development. With this new trend, players own some of the in-game assets or tokens by playing games. Players can further trade these assets or tokens for real cash or tokens. The aspect of Blockchain they integrated into their platform for some other video gaming is in the payment and withdrawal mode. With that, gamers can decide to deposit using the acceptable Cryptocurrency and request payment through the same means. In some, the use of Cryptocurrency is only meant to buy the video games of your choice. Although not all video games accept this, some, according to the findings of the Zeus 3 slot machine, accept the use of Cryptocurrency.

How Cryptocurrency operates with video gaming

In video gaming or any other online gaming, Cryptocurrency operates differently from how it is outside the gaming platform. Outside gaming, you can do that through the various digital exchange wallets to purchase or sell crypto.

In video gaming, it is quite different. It follows that it operates through in-app purchases, advertising, and affiliates. For in-app purchases, gamers can buy something directly in the game for more gaming time or experience. The purchases can include coins, extra lives, custom characters, unlocking more features, and more. With in-app advertising, crypto is used as a reward for ads watched or completing a survey. In the course of the game, once the task is completed, a player earns crypto. The other aspect is through an affiliate, i.e. sharing of links with family and friends. Once they sign up on the gaming platform and or make some in-app purchases, you will be credited in crypto for that.

Another way in which crypto operates with video gaming is through purchasing video games online. Before you can play the video games of your choice on the online site or app, you will need to make a payment to access the game. For this purpose, you will need crypto payments.

Importance of Cryptocurrency to video gaming

As video gaming and online gaming are leveraging Cryptocurrency for use now, it is helping in hindering frauds in line with transactions that gamers do encounter with their payment. Using crypto decentralizes the payment mode. There is a vital thing and value attached to the use of Cryptocurrency in video gaming.

  • Using Cryptocurrency allows for an instant and immediate transaction, getting rid of complicated policy and regulations. In the same line, it removes inefficient third parties and gives gamers more opportunity to play their games with no restrictions. In addition, with the use of crypto, developers can now sell their games outside the usual platform by processing payments with Nano payments.
  • With Cryptocurrency, gamers can play the game anywhere they find themselves without being faced with security, location, or payment and exchange glitches.
  • With video gaming, using crypto allows gamers to play their favourite games without confirming their identity or email. It helps to stay anonymous both in payment and withdrawal.
  • It gives gamers confidence in the smart contracts and helps them stay secure and safe while making purchases in the online video game.
  • Crypto is more cost-effective with video gaming than other payment methods, and there are no hidden charges that come with it or any form of delay with the transaction as it is a peer-to-peer transaction. As a result, both the game developers and the players get value for their money and boost their profits.
  • In video games or online games, your personal information is always required, and most of this information is not confidential. For gamers who are not satisfied with disclosing their details, video games that accept Cryptocurrency are the most reliable to use.

Video Games that use Cryptocurrency

Playing video games is an excellent escape from the rigorous daily routine while providing some fun new experiences. In playing video games, you not only get entertained, but also you can get paid for the games played. With the integration of Blockchain into some video games, you can earn crypto on the game played. Most of the games that reward crypto are NFT games. Once players win a tournament or sell in-game assets on NFT marketplaces, crypto will be earned for profit.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) games are Blockchain-based games that have tokenized in-game assets. These games either reward players in crypto or gives in-game NFTs, which players can later sell. Here are some of these NFT games that players can earn crypto through them.

  1. Axie Infinity. This is a Blockchain game that is based on Ethereum, and it features creatures known as Axies. These Axies are different from each other, and there are over 500 of their body parts. The categories of Axies include Beast, Aquatic, plant, bug, reptile, and bird. Each of these creatures can either be common, rare, ultra-rare, or legendary. In this Axie Infinity game, players are meant to breed, raise and battle Axies. The Axies can also be traded with other players in the marketplace.While playing the game, players can earn the Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) token. This token is the currency on the Axie marketplace, and with it, players can vote for key decisions in the game.
  2. CryptoKitties. In NFT games, this is one of the frontiers. In this game, players will be able to collect and breed virtual kittens live on the Ethereum Blockchain. These CryptoKitties can be sold on the game’s marketplace or other popular NFT marketplaces. To get these CryptoKitties, you can purchase them on the marketplace or breed two kitties together. If you are breeding kitties, you will have better chances of unlocking more rare attributes in the game. You can also earn the rewards through cats’ collection creations. With the collections, you take your cats for a catfight in the KittyVerse or solve puzzles with other players. Earning CryptoKitties are very much popular with reasonable earning rates of several dollars.
  3. Sorare. This title is another NFT game that rewards crypto. It is a fantasy football virtual game where you will earn prizes for playing against other managers. In Sorare, you can build your virtual team and manage them using the digital playing card NFTs. These digital cards have an official license, and it stands for real-life footballers in line with each season. Sorare is also an Ethereum-based NFT game that has a daily sales of cards of about $159,000. The digital cards have several levels of scarcity which are; unique, super rare, and rare. Having any of these cards will grant you complete ownership, and you can decide to sell to other players. Based on the performance of footballers in real life, you can use a team of five cards in the SO5 to get rewards. Instead of playing the usual football game for fun, you can opt-in for this to have full fantasy and earn rewards.
  4. Gods Unchained. It is another video game that gives players the privilege to earn rewards in crypto by playing. This game is also of Ethereum-based Blockchain. In this game, players collect digital cards and use the cards collected to enter into competition with other players. To win high-quality cards playing this game, players will have to be strategic and build a deck with a diverse range of tactics. If you win, you will earn rewards in Flux. This Flux is used to create high-quality cards, which you can then trade on the marketplace for crypto.
  5. F1 Delta Time. F1 Delta Time is another example of an NFT Ethereum Blockchain-based game dedicated to Formula 1 fans. The game has an ERC-20 token known as REVV, which is used as the in-game currency. In this game, players collect unique cars, drivers, and other components available in the game in the form of NFTs. The NFTs can as well be staked to earn the game currency token, REVV. This video game has many features, such as Grand Prix Mode for racing, Time Trial mode for composition testing, and the Time Trial Elite for winning rewards. Players can also equip their cars by going to the workshop for parts and drivers with gear.
  6. Evolution Land. This is a video game that makes use of Blockchain-based. Gamers can play with or against each other in construction mining, scientific research, and PvP. The planet in this game has 26 continents with basic elements as fire, land, gold, water, wood, and silicon. The two continents in this game are Atlantis-which Ethereum-based, and Byzantine-which is Tron-based. In this game, players collect and breed Apostles in various ways. These in-game assets like land and Apostles can be traded on the marketplace. The token in the game is known as KTON. The game also gives players a 70% share of the revenue from the game.
  7. ChainZ Arena. This is another video game that operates in crypto. This game operates in three different cryptos, which enable users to choose any; the crypto it operates in are Tron, EOS, and Ethereum. Gamers also have the chance to mine SOUL tokens on all three Blockchain. The SOUL token can be staked for Tron, EOS, or Ethereum and earn drops. Heroes are collected in the game to battle with Demons and Bosses in the legendary arena. Daily, there is a reward to players on arena rankings.


Playing games is one of the lovely and remarkable ways of getting entertained and relaxed after the day’s hectic activities. But with the new development that has been coming up in this sphere, gamers have ample opportunity of earning rewards or tokens on the game played. The benefits that Blockchain-based games have brought for developers and gamers are worthy of going after. The future in Blockchain-based games is bright and can be relied on.

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