Is Ellen Pompeo Behind Sudden Exit of Jerrika Hinton from Grey’s Anatomy? A New Book Reveals Explosive Facts

The book details Hinton’s sudden departure from Grey’s Anatomy

The unauthorised book “How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy” is spitting hard facts. Recently, the book revealed how hard Sarah Drew tried to change the destiny and the ending of her character. Moreover, the book also speaks the reason why she left the show. Sarah wrote a very passionate letter to the new direction team of Grey’s Anatomy to change the ending of her character. However, they never did so, and thus, Sarah’s character ended with Mathew.

Well, recently the tell-all book about Grey’s Anatomy has revealed the reason behind Jerrika Hinton’s sudden departure.

Jerrika Hinton and Ellen Pompeo
Credit: Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

Ellen Pompeo is the reason why Jerrika Hinton left Grey’s Anatomy

Norman Leavitt who was a former makeup artist at the show said that Jerrika was kind of naïve. She never knew what power Ellen had, said Leavitt. Norman’s statement is in the unauthorized book which also says that Jerrika could have asked Ellen to let her use her potoroids. However, if you are using her polaroid without including Ellen, then you are probably setting up a trap for you, said Norman.

However, representatives of Pompeo, Hinton, and Leavitt have not issued any statement in respect to what is written in the book.

Jerrika Hinton and Ellen Pompeo
Credit: Grey’s Anatomy | ABC

When did Hinton leave Grey’s Anatomy?

Hinton has never spoken to the author of the book who is Lynette Rice. However, in an interview in 2017, Hinton said that it is completely her decision to leave the show. Hinton’s decision to leave the show was supported by Shonda Rhimes who was the creator of the show.

Rhimes in the same interview in 2017 said that she had a discussion with Hinton. She added that when actors like Hinton want to evolve and try something new, you cannot pull them back.

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