Is Titanfall Returning With a Third Instalment? Developers Give Insight

“I detect sarcasm”

Titanfall 2 was a ridiculously fun multiplayer. I was privileged to play some good single player, as well as multiplayer shooters growing up. A majority of it was Call of Duty and Battlefield. As you know, you get to pilot jets, or drive around in tanks or snowmobiles in these games, but that doesn’t come close to travelling in a mecha. Not just a mecha, but one that has a semi-consciousness.

It’s almost 5 years since Titanfall 2‘s release. The game is undoubtedly one of the best titles with EA, and we should owe it to their developer Respawn Entertainment. There were rumours that the game is gone for good, but Respawn set the records straight in Twitter.

Other works

EA/ Respawn Entertainment

The tweet above came as a response when fans lost all hope following a previous comment. Respawn’s community coordinator Jason Garza was asked about Titanfall 3 when he answered “There’s nothing.” He then added thatbthey had too many projects currently.

He’s not wrong. Apex Legends is one of Respawn’s best titles, and they are in the process of developing the mobile version. There is another unnamed project that was hiring back in April 2021.

The game’s future

EA/ Respawn Entertainment

As the tweet suggest, Respawn has no plans of letting go of the game. But it will take a long time. In fact, with the time it takes to make games, I won’t expect it for another three years.

Meanwhile Apex Legends continues to be their posterchild as it continues to bring out more exciting seasons and characters. If Titanfall 3 gets released, it can split the player base, causing both games to suffer.

Meanwhile you can play both games via EA Play on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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