It’s Celebration time as the Popular Manga Arriving as Live-action Series

The manga ‘Drops of God’ soon coming as TV series

The famous manga ‘Drops of God’ was created by Tadashi Agi and Okimoto. This news was shared by entertainment Variety. The series is too much loved by fans from all over the world. So will be the live-action series. Because they are releasing the live-action series into many languages.

For now, we know the series will be released in U.S., French, and Japanese.

poster of the series


Adline productions are working with many other companies like Legendary Television, Dynamics Television, and Hulu. Oded Ruskin, who also directed No man’s land will be directing the series. Dynamic Klaus Zimmermann who produced ‘Trapped’ will be producing the anime.

The plot is shared by Variety entertainment. There will be a female protagonist instead of a male as shown in the manga. The story moves forward as the girl finds her father strangled. She has been left in shock.

Her father has left her his greatest wine collection. However, to obtain this collection she has to face this Japanese man. This man can supposedly be her brother or stepbrother as he is regarded as his son in the will.

The Manga Series

Is the shoot finished?

As reported by Variety the filming has already begun in France, Italy, and Japan. However, the series will have eight episodes, one hour each. Fleur Geffrier (Elle) will be staring as the protagonist. Fleur is a famous French actress. Yamashita Tomohisa will be in the role of her rival supposedly brother.

The Manga Series Bringing Wine Culture to the Mainstream | Wine Enthusiast

Legendary Television will be responsible for the worldwide distribution of the series besides France and Japan. Whereas Hulu will be premiering in Japan and other places all over the world.

Other famous recent series by hulu is hardy boys.

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