It’s Farwell Time for ‘Family Guy’ as the Show Completed its Final Airing

Adult Swim Fans Are Mature Enough To Bid Farewell To Family Guy

The journey of Family Guy is now over. Fans are already bidding them farewell as the last episode airs with the network!. The iconic show began its journey in 1999, 22 years ago along with Fox Network. However, it found its true fanbase in the new generation after its syndicated episode began airing in 2003.

Adult Swim has helped a lot to Family Guy after some of its episodes were cancelled initially. This is something that network has done with many other series and it also includes Futurama. But, the journey was sure to come to an end, and this is the day we were all afraid of. Family Guy aired for the one last time yesterday. The series has a total of 13 divisions and “Stewie Is Enceinte,” is the last episode of last season.

Adult Swim fans bid farewell to Family guy
Credit: FOX

Farewell to Family Guy is now confirmed

As the big fanbase bid farewell to Family Guy, everyone is worried that they will not get a chance to see the beloved ahpw again. However, FXX and Freeform are already airing the show. Moreover, Fox has also made sure that FXX will air all the episodes of the show from season 1 to 19.

It will be aired on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 8 pm to midnight ET. The show will also air on Wednesday nights from 8 pm to 10 pm ET. Meanwhile, Freeform will air the show on Fridays only from 4 pm to 10 pm ET. In case if you cannot keep up with timings, you can also watch the show on Hulu.

Adult Swim fans bid farewell to Family guy
Credit: FOX

Fans’ reactions

Well, fans feel like an era is ending. The show was part of childhood for many of them.

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