IZONE Star ‘Ahn Yu-jin’ Tested Positive for COVID-19; Fans Pray for Recovery

IZONE member Ahn Yu-jin infected with COVID-19

Lead vocalist of disbanded IZONE Korean-Japanese girl group Ahn Yu-jin has diagnosed with COVID-19. Jang Won Young who also a former member of IZONE tested positive a week before Ahn Yu-jin got Covid-19 positive result.

A week ago, both K-pop artists came across a staff member who tested positive for Corona virus disease. As soon as they here this news Ahn Yu-jin and Jang Won Young undertaken to COVID-19 test.

Ahn Yu-jin | K-Pop | Covid-19
Ahn Yu-jin | Instagram

Jang Won Young’s test report returned positive after Rt-PCR test. However Ahn Yu-jin report was negative during that period time. But Ashe has self-quarantined herself for protection and as a safety measure.

Now following her former member An Yu Jin diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

The Starship Entertainment announcement is as follows:

Hi there, from Starship Entertainment.

Starship Entertainment’s member An Yu Jin who was in self-quarantine has tested positive for COVID-19.

An Yu Jin get tested for COVID-19 after knowing that the external staff whom she bumped into got COVID-19 positive results on August28. August 29 morning, An Yu Jin’s test report return back as negative, yet because health authorities classified her as a close contact of the COVID-19 patient, she underwent self-quarantine.

When An Yu Jin was in self-quarantine, she tested herself with self testing kits, and with close observation of her physical condition, she has Covid symptoms like Pharyngitis and high body temperature. Then after a proper PCR test presence of COVID-19 was confirmed.

An Yu Jin is now following health authorities instructions.

We express our regret for making many people worry. Our agency will follow the health authorities’ instructions and give our best support to our artist recover very soon. Our agency wishing both of them a fast recovery!

Ahn Yu-jin | K-Pop | Covid-19
An Yujin | Instagram

Fans are wishing a speedy recovery for both Jang Won Young and An Yu Jin in all social media platforms.

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