Jamie Lee Curtis Has Assured a “Shock” And “Agitate” Exposure Ahead Of ‘Halloween Kills’!

Jamie Lee Curtis Have Raised The Tension For ‘Halloween Kills’ Ahead Of Its Release

Jamie Lee Curtis have tickled the fans curiosity for her upcoming movie ‘Halloween Kills’. The classic horror has entertained the fans since 1978 under John Carpenter. The movie is a direct follow-up of 2018’s Halloween. Fans are totally star-strucked as Michael Myers returns behind the Masked Killer.

Curtis’s statement was published in her instagram page, where she exposed about the movie. Back in 1978, the movie never failed to give fans a nightmare. Considering this generation’s story and technology, it will be a ‘bang’ for the fans.

Jamie Lee Curtis in pursuit of killing the masked killer
Instagram/ Halloween Movie

Jamie Lee Curtis Will Reprise As Laurie Strode

And Since Michael Myers return as the killer so do Laurie Strode who trapped him in a burning house. Which was on screen in 2018’s ‘Halloween’ movie. But what’s more fascinating is the amazing story line for the movie. So Laurie Strode’s character is the main role as she fights the evil even when no one dares to do so.

And Jamie Lee Curtis has been extremely active to talk about the franchise. With fans love for the franchise increasing they must out do their expectations. Also the previous movie have taken its spot in the fans’ hearts. So they must improvise accordingly which should match the fans’ expectations.

Does ‘Halloween Kills’ Shocks And Agitates Really?

Jamie Lee Curtis have surely exposed the film’s secret. But does it really shocks and agitates is what the question is?. For that we must know the plot for the upcoming movie. This may act as a spoiler, but does not give real chills.

Michael Myers returns after escaping the burning house. After a long break he returns to the Haddonfield. The little town is once again in threat as the killer re-appears to disturb the peace. Myers is old now that doesn’t mean he cannot kill. But will he be stopped for good or will he continue the killing spree?. This is just a glimpse, but this proves that the story will ‘shock’ and ‘agitate’ the viewers.

The franchise is also coming up with another movie in 2022 called ‘Halloween Ends’. Till that enjoy the ‘Halloween Kills’ in theaters and on Peacock from October 15, 2021.

Halloween Kills hits the theaters on October 15
Instagram/ Halloween Movie

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